Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) can alter and enhance film property performance of many types of substrates. This is done by stretching them under precisely controlled conditions. Pre-stretched films can be mono or multilayer blown, cast, previously oriented films and even laminations. The MDO stretching process typically increases film strength, stiffness, barrier, and optical properties. The highest quality is preserved through the use of proprietary system software, which ensures full control and precise repeatability.

Flex-Pack Engineering, Inc. (FPE) can custom tailor the physical property requirements to meet even the most demanding applications.
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Combining the MDO Technology with Engineers, Technicians and your films, results in tangible improvements to your packaging. These benefits include, but are not limited to, longer shelf life, improved protection of your packaged goods and material savings to you, through down-gauging with enhanced physical properties.

FPE offers MDO Tolling Service for Lab Scale work (12 width max), Pilot Scale, and Commercial Scale work for film up to 83 wide, on rolls up to 40" in diameter 1 layer up to 18 layers.

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