Flex-Pack Engineering (FPE) offers a complete line of converted products. These include printed, laminated and metalized films, all types of pouches with zippers, spouts, folds, gussets, slit films and tapes, Inno-Lok pre-applied zipper films, both in front panel and bag top. We also offer custom design and prototyping services. If you struggle with any type of converting issue and just cant seem to get you project off the ground fast enough, call us today! We are waiting to help you!
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• Slitting, Rewinding, Spooling
• Flexographic Printing Up to 10 Colors
• Specialty Bag Converting
• Adhesive Lamination
• Extrusion Lamination
• Woven, Non Woven
• Specialty Combinations
• Optical Grade Films
• Low Birefringent Film Base
• Light Retarder Films
• Light Diffuser Films
• Anti-Glare Films
• Circular Polarizers
• And More....
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